Guest management with a personal touch

We are there for you and your guests, before, during and after the event – perfectly organized and always with an eye toward service. Event Lobby will take care of all guest management tasks, from making travel arrangements and sending out save-the-date reminders to providing souvenir photos and returning forgotten jackets.

Small gifts make all the difference

For us, small giveaways like individual welcome gifts or bedtime sweets that reflect both your event topic and the event region, or an extra trip to the airport followed by a spontaneous sightseeing tour, are also important elements of our work at Event Lobby.

Staff that suits you perfectly

Whether your guests go home happy or not depends heavily on the staff. That’s why you can trust our competent, attentive and charming employees, from a star-winning chef to the service crew and photographer. Do you require an interpreter, technicians or a chauffeur? Already hired! Event Lobby will assemble the team that suits your needs and ensures that everything runs smoothly during the event.