Enjoy Event Lobby incentives – worldwide

We will perfectly tailor any team-building exercise – no matter how small – that your event requires and in the time frame you desire. We will set the stage for your message and event topic with great attention to detail, and show you clever options for activities that are guaranteed to bring your employees together and allow you to simply say thank you to your customers.

Our only standard is the highest quality

Our motto: If you do it at all, do it right – and make it truly extraordinary. Our team is known for ideas that not only provide your guests with excellent entertainment, but also introduce them to the people, culture and highlights of the region where your event is held. We know exactly what to do – and would love to show you, your employees and your customers! Insider knowledge charmingly presented with a wink, or great sightseeing attractions viewed from a whole new perspective? Event Lobby!

Top entertainment

Selected performing artists – from string quartets to comedians – will make sure your evening is perfect! Naturally, we take care of the entire process, from booking to billing.

An event only truly succeeds if the food is tasty

Besides the location, catering quality is what will be remembered the most and can mean the difference between the success and failure of an event. With Event Lobby as your partner, you are placing this decisive culinary factor in the best hands. Whether excellent catering, a thoughtful restaurant recommendation or an individual restaurant tour, whether home-brewed beer, a tasting menu, a fresh catch from the grill, vegan or lactose-free – with us, everything will leave you hungry for more!