Out-of-house and exceptional: Event Lobby incentives

We will develop the ideal accompanying program for you and manage its organization, implementation and follow-up. From outdoor activities and team-building exercises to sightseeing tours from a whole new perspective, we will plan everything down to the last detail. We will tailor the schedule, financing and logistics of our accompanying program to perfectly match your planning and requirements. We are also experts in introducing people to the city and its unique features in a very short time while helping to create a strong team in the process.

Our only standard is the highest quality

Our motto: If you do it at all, do it right – and make it truly extraordinary. Our team is known for ideas that not only provide your guests with excellent entertainment, but also introduce them to the people, culture and highlights of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. We know exactly what to do – and would love to show you and your guests! Insider knowledge charmingly presented with a wink, or the most extraordinary activities? Event Lobby!

An event only truly succeeds if the food is tasty

Catering quality is also an important feature that sticks out the most in the memory of your guests and determines if your event is a success – as a host, you know this all too well. With Event Lobby as your partner, you are removing this decisive culinary factor from your own four walls and placing it in the best of hands. Because we know how delicious the food in the Berlin-Brandenburg region can be and are eager to whet your guests’ appetite. A suitable restaurant recommendation, or a custom food tour including craft beer tasting and the iconic currywurst in the tastiest variations – with us, everything leaves you hungry for more!